4 August 2021

Petrogas E&P NL awards FEED A15 & B10 to Enersea

Petrogas E&P Netherlands has awarded Enersea the FEED for the development of the A15 and B10 gas field as part of the AB Stage 2+ Project. Both fields are situated in the Northern Sector of the Dutch North Sea.

The assignment includes the basic design for the development of the two gas fields including a tie back to the A12 field via existing pipelines through the installation of a hot tap. In this way, the gas from the new fields will be able to enter the current pipeline while the pipeline remains in operation. Two control umbilicals will be connected to the A12CPP host platform.

Both new platforms will be based upon a tripod design with a minimum facilities topside.

In 2016 Petrogas E&P Netherlands already granted the concept development for both fields to Enersea. Because of Enersea’s knowledge of, and experience in developing small and economically challenging fields, Petrogas decided to choose Enersea again for the FEED.

Next to the full FEED-scope of the A15 and B10 gas field, Enersea is also responsible for the subsea scope and the brownfield modifications on the A12CPP platform.
Enersea is teaming up with Cathie Associates for the soil calculations on the foundations. Furthermore, Versatec will assist in the technical safety analysis.

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