Sea the future

In the years to come energy demand will increase and energy supply will become more and more complex. Knowing that fossil fuels are not unlimitedly available, hybrid solutions will be required in order to avoid dependency. In contrast to the short term office of democratic governments and IOC’s, countries will have to develop a long term view on their energy strategy.

This creates a strong market for engineering but also requires engineers to start drilling on a well of new ideas. Engineers will have to dig deeper, where others don’t. And see new solutions where others won’t. Utilizing and combining every source of energy the sea offers. From oil & gas to renewables like wind, hydrokinetic tidal and solar energy. It requires translating alternative ideas into feasible designs with today’s technology.

These new energy projects ask for very efficient and effective engineering management. Especially in the early critical phases of a project, when every decision has a strong impact on its value and success. There is a strong urge for a single focal point, an overview of the entire supply chain. This integrated service approach to engineering project management provides flexibility and ensures high levels of quality and innovation power.
This is the vision of Dieter Korndorffer, Edwin van Drunen and Pascal Ferier, three offshore engineering specialists at heart. Dieter and Edwin met at Delft University and shared the same engineering ideas and outlook on the world energy market. They teamed up with Pascal, their business associate for more than 18 years.

With a mission and strong determination, they have now founded Enersea. Going far beyond what is traditional, it’s their ambition to engineer the future of energy at sea. And to add exciting offshore design innovations to their long reliable track record in the industry. Enersea aims at having sustainable service agreements, the best culture and the best partners . For only a true offshore engineering specialist can meet the challenging demand for cost efficient energy solutions. Now and in the future.

“Those who are innovative see more. They dig deeper where others won’t. They see opportunities and solutions where others don’t. They sea the future.”
The Enersea team