Mission Equipment

Innovative equipment designs to install safely and efficiently. From either fixed or moving assets as vessels and platforms.


Consultancy services – for an integrated view of the complete supply chain

Engineering & interface management

In all offshore energy projects  the initial engineering phase is the critical phase. Engineering decisions determine the project’s execution phase and succes that follows.  In all of these phases we have years of hands-on experience.  Managing all parties and disciplines included usually creates a challenge along the day-to-day business of smaller operator clients. We understand these client dynamics like no other. Our highly qualified professionals step in to support our clients with the management capabilities necessary to carry complex engineering projects in renewable energy. This single focal point and integrated service approach to engineering project management provides flexibility and ensures the high level of quality delivered by its contractors and vendors.

Design reviews & due diligence

Key in our consultancy services are technical Design reviews and due diligence for existing equipment, in order to make it suitable for new projects at hand. These reviews aim for project risk mitigation enabling our clients to gain more insight on the critical aspects and to avoid major issues in the near future. Enersea can provide the proper technical Due diligence support during acquisitions or review of assets.

Decision support, combining technical issues & economics

For installation projects and its equipment starting from scratch, Enersea prefers to follow a comprehensive decision model supported with technical and economic evaluations (CAPEX, OPEX and Tariffs). Because the value and success of a project is determined in its initial phase, it’s in these early phases that Enersea adds crucial value based on a long record of experience in engineering project management and risk awareness.

R&D for proprietary designs

We excel in translating innovative ideas into feasible designs with today’s technology. Innovation does not necessarily require new technology; it often is a new optimal combination of existing technology, systems and methods geared towards serving all requirements to the maximum.

Equipment Design for a dynamic offshore environment

Mission equipment design

Important to asset owners in the offshore installation market is the mission equipment which enables swift and reliable installation of structures and subsea cables, pipelines or flexibles. Enersea gets involved in the concept phase of the project to set the standard for equipment specifications, design to meet the requirements and within that is cost effective in fabrication. Services include the mechnical and hydraulic engineering.

Deck lay-out and vessel integration

Mission equipment on a vessel can either be of permanent or temporary nature. In both cases integration to the carrier vessel or (jack-up) platform falls under the responsibility of Enersea. In essence the vessel and equipment define the workability which is key in mitigating offshore execution risks. Enersea has clear understanding of success factors in offshore installation and such understanding has already resulted in a number of innovative and cost effective designs for our clients. 

Installation Engineering Services

Installation engineering

Key to the success of a project is the concept of installation for efficient and safe project execution. Enersea has the experience and knowlegde to provide sequence and method statement supported by sound engineering and analysis. 

Seafastening design

All installation activities offshore require transit from harbour to offshore location. Such voyage on either a vessel or self floating requires understanding of loads and movements which need to either be controlled or constrained with sea fastening. Enersea supports projects with one-off or reusable designs for projects.

“Those who are innovative see more. They dig deeper where others won’t. They see opportunities and solutions where others don’t. They sea the future.”
The Enersea team