offshore energy
consultancy, design and engineering.

Mission Equipment

Innovative equipment designs to install safely and efficient. From either fixed or moving assets as vessels and platform.

Offshore Wind

Optimized designs and management aid implementation and execution of offshore wind developments. Fixed or floating, we will provide a solution.


A wide range of services in het field of green hydrogen platform design, new hydrogen pipeline infrastructure and connections to surrounding existing infrastructure.


Cost effective design of platforms, pipelines and tie-ins for field developments. Decisions supported by through analysis from concept to detail design.

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Enersea is a true offshore engineering specialist, offering consultancy, production systems design and structural design services. In our dictionary, the word ‘no’ is non-existent.

We explore new options and alternatives to capitalise on smaller offshore oil & gas fields and the incredible vast amount of renewable energy the ocean generates. In wind, hydrokinetic tidal and solar energy.

  • We are specialists in offshore engineering with in-depth knowledge
  • We understand our clients and their objectives like no other
  • We excel in technical management of multidisciplinary dependencies and interfaces
  • We manage the value and success of a project in early phase, based on long term experience

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Living Stone Cable Lay Spread

Moray East External Jacket Lift Tool

P11-E Platform Engineering Management

F2A Hanze Life Time Extension Analysis

Horizon West Oil well ERD tie-back

P11 Unity Gas Production Platform

D12 Gas Field Development

Triton Knoll structural engineering Management

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“Those who are innovative see more. They dig deeper where others won’t. They see opportunities and solutions where others don’t. They sea the future.”
The Enersea team