15 October 2020

Graduation students Enersea win Dutch Marine Contractors award 2020

Tessy Donkers and Thomas van Deursen, graduation students in civil engineering at Avans University for Applied Sciences, carried out their final thesis at Enersea. Their 6-month research project into the decommissioning of gravity based structures was nominated for the Dutch Marine Contractors award (Waterbouwprijs) 2020. The study was conducted with aid of Petrogas E&P NL and Neptune Energy, both owners of gravity based structures. Cathie Associates further assisted the students with the soil analysis for the platform break out.

On 15 October, the winner was announced during the Dutch Marine Contractors day (Waterbouwdag) which took place as a virtual event this year. Donkers and Van Deursen ended in the top 3 of nominees and finally won this year’s award.

The jury was impressed by the way in which Donkers and Van Deursen combine a broad, comprehensive consideration of the problem with detailed calculations to end up at a preferred approach through a multi-criteria analysis.

Check ENERSEA RESEARCH STUDY GBS DONKERS&DEURSEN for more details or contact Edwin van Drunen at Enersea via edwin@enersea.nl.

Last year the price went to Annemarie Punter and Rens van der Meijden for their study on storing excess wind energy in abandoned offshore pipe lines.

Also these award winners performed their graduation assignment at Enersea. With these studies Enersea hopes to contribute to solving challenges in the Energy Transition and stimulate young engineers in finding creative solutions.



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