17 April 2023

Meet us @ WindEurope Copenhagen

With our team of engineers & consultants, we will be visiting the WindEurope Annual 2023 event in Copenhagen from 25-27 April. If you like to catch up and learn all about our latest projects & innovations in Offshore Wind and Hydrogen, just let us know!

Recently, we have designed several jackets for large HVDC substations in Germany, UK and US. Also we have reached breakthroughs in the field of green offshore hydrogen production whereby the power is supplied from an offshore wind park without a grid connection and grid stability can be maintained.

Our team of Enersea & H2SEA would be happy to update you and see how we can help you with your challenges. Contact Stefan Erents for projects concerning Offshore Wind and Tom Evertse for Hydrogen.

Offshore Wind Projects: s.erents@enersea.nl
Green Offshore Hydrogen Projects: t.evertse@h2sea.nl

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