Oil and gas

Structural design services

Offshore infrastructure installation equipment and structures

Enersea offers a wide range of structural designs services, including all:

  • Cable Installation equipment and structures
  • Deck lay-outs & design

Offshore Fixed – & floating structures

Harvesting offshore energy requires a fixed or floating structure which can withstand the harsh environmental conditions. At the same time the design should be light-weight and low cost for fabrication and installation. It’s this challenge, that makes us a specialist in:

  • Fixed structures and foundation design;
    • Piled, spud-can or suction can foundations
    • Jackets, Monopiles, Monotowers
    • Topsides, substations and modules.
    • Floating structures
    • Jack-ups
  • Sub-sea structures
    • Wellhead Protection structures
    • PLEM, Pipeline End Manifold
    • Riser bundles, riser clamps and J-tubes

Special structures

In designing special structures the limits of feasibility have always been challenged or even pushed. Installation methods play a key role in the design.  They are incorporated in an early stage. Key activities include FEM calculations and 3D designs for structure types as;

  • Large steel structures
  • Aluminum structures

Consultancy services – for an integrated view of the complete supply chain

Engineering & interface management

For all offshore energy projects the initial engineering phase is the critical phase. Engineering decisions determine the project’s execution and the operational phase that follows.  In all of these phases we have years of hands-on experience.  Managing all parties and disciplines included usually creates a challenge along the day-to-day business of smaller operators. We understand these client dynamics like no other. Our highly qualified professionals step in to support our clients with the management capabilities necessary to carry complex engineering projects. This single focal point and integrated service approach to engineering project management provides flexibility and ensures the high level of quality delivered by its vendors.

Design reviews & due diligence

Key in our consultancy services are technical Design reviews and due diligence for existing infrastructure. These reviews aim for project risk mitigation enabling our clients to gain more insight on the critical aspects and to avoid major issues in the near future. Enersea can provide the proper technical Due diligence support during acquisitions or review of non-operated assets.

Decision support, combining technical issues & economics

For projects starting from scratch, Enersea prefers to follow a comprehensive decision model supported with technical and economic evaluations (CAPEX, OPEX and Tariffs). Because the value and success of a project is determined in its initial phase, it’s in these early phases that Enersea adds crucial value based on a long record of experience in engineering project management and risk awareness.

R&D for proprietary designs

We excel in translating ideas into feasible designs with today’s technology. Innovation does not necessarily require new technology; it often is a new optimal combination of existing technology, systems and methods geared towards serving all requirements to the maximum.

Production systems design services

Asset development studies

Having an integrated overview of the complete supply chain and combining this with sound client understanding allows us to provide effective asset development studies. Like only a true specialist in Offshore engineering can.

Marginal field developments

Particularly in mature areas such as the North Sea the ability of developing prospects requires certain innovations in order to make developments economically viable. Often this is considered to be only technical but we are able to seek and explore the best development option based on a combination of factors. We think in solutions like project phasing,  combining drilling and facility elements or re-using existing infrastructure.

Process design and simulations

The core of all Production systems is the process system. In essence, all items around it are in-place to support the process facility. It starts at the production well and extends through the facility, along the pipeline to the delivery point, either onshore or offshore. Simulating process and design for Asset development studies is one of our key activities. As is new and incremental production development, Plant optimization, debottlenecking and selecting and evaluating the processes used to dehydrate gas, meet hydrocarbon dew point specification and extract liquids.

Mechanical design

Enersea handles all design activities that apply to mechanical equipment, lay-outs, power & control interfaces. These activities include:

  • Equipment specification and selection
  • Plant lay-outs and tie-ins aimed at construction and operation
  • Power and control interfaces (details through partner)
  • Design assurance and reviews

Subsea design

Enersea is an offshore specialist, capable of delivering engineering services for Subsea production systems. The design of these subsea infrastructures includes: Pipeline and riser designs and Flow assurance analyses. Moreover, Enersea has experience with the design of subsea installation equipment, allowing us to design within installable boundaries.


Decommissioning is becoming more-and-more important for operators due to the fact that many offshore structures approach the end of their production lifetime. Such decommissioning activities involve:

  • Economic valuations of the offshore infrastructure removal costs
  • CoG and Weight estimation
  • Lift – and transport analysis

“Those who are innovative see more. They dig deeper where others won’t. They see opportunities and solutions where others don’t. They sea the future.”
The Enersea team